Yuumi was my first "Gamer-look" anime character. A departure from my usual cute and demure look, Yuumi is far from gentle. In fact, she packs a wallop and kicks ass.


Name : Yuumi (Alien Hunter I)

Height : 168cm
Weight : 50kg
Vital Stats : 34C-24-36
Birthday : 25 September 1988

Yuumi which stands for courage (Yuu) and beauty (Mi) is an Alien Hunter who thrives deep in the Amazon rainforest. Caught in a cross fire between a New-Born Alien and a Predator many years ago, Yuumi’s left eye was scarred and blinded by sulphuric acid sprayed from the alien. Incidentally, this works to her advantage as she shoots even better with a single eye. Armed with a few high-tech weaponry comprising of her Bow-and-Arrows, smart watch and survival knife, she is more determined than ever to protect Earth by wiping out the aliens.

Yuumi New Square.jpg