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We are only Oysters


Oysters do fall sick like humans too. Miraku Chan caught a flu and Kakichan took her to the doctor. He stayed by her side all the time until she is well again. Miraku thanks him for everything that he had done.
Kakichan takes good care of Miraku when she is sick
Kakichan swims under the sea to look for a little seaweed. After
drying it, he uses it as a small blanket for Tamachan the pearl.

So Sweet


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Kakchan is so sweet.jpg
For some reasons, Miraku doesn't want to use the toilet. Kakichan then peep into the toilet and he has an idea. He took out some dinosaur stickers and paste it all over the wall. Now the toilet is much beautiful.
And Miraku chan loves it! Now she sits on it.
(Inspired by a true story of a little girl in school who doesn't want to use the toilet)

Best toilet ever


Best Toilet ever Kakichan and Miraku

Lost in sea


Kakichan was swimming under the sea and got lost. He then met Albert the Angler Fish who assured Kakichan that he knew the way. However, after swimming for quite some time, they both got lost. Apparently, they were swallowed by the giant blue whale. All this time, they were swimming inside its stomach.
Kakichan lost in sea

Breakfast Menu

Kakichan invites Miraku to a fanciful seafood dinner under the ocean. They continue chilling through the night with some red wine. When Kakichan calls for the waiter fish for more red wine, the ocean restaurant no longer serves wine as it is BREAKFAST time, as the waiter fish points to the huge SUNFISH swimming by. Just how long had they been dining and chilling?
Breakfast Menu Kakichan and Miraku and Sunfish_M.jpg
My Cloud Friend

Miraku saw Kakichan rushing to somewhere and asked him where he is going, afraid that he would slip as it was raining heavily. Kakichan replied that he is meeting a friend. He climbed up the palm tree so fast that he left his friend Tama chan behind. When he reached the top of the tree, he handed a tissue to his crying Cloud friend.
My Cloud Friend Milkcananime_M.jpg
Hot Choco Christmas

Sometimes the perfect thing to do during Christmas is simply enjoying a cosy evening with hot chocolate.
Hot Choco Christmas with Kakichan and Miraku_M.jpg
Sometimes all we need is someone there with us No words need to be spoken. Kakichan is so thoughtful
Stay Kakicha_M.jpg
Cookies of Love

Miraku feels sad that she had overcooked the cookies. Kaki chan knows how much effort goes into Miraku baking a plate of cookies. So even though they are burnt, he appreciates them! Aww... so sweet. Cookies of Love!
Cookies of Love MILKCANANIME_M.jpg
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