We are only Oysters


Oysters do fall sick like humans too. Miraku Chan caught a flu and Kakichan took her to the doctor. He stayed by her side all the time until she is well again. Miraku thanks him for everything that he had done.
Kakichan takes good care of Miraku when she is sick
Kakichan swims under the sea to look for a little seaweed. After
drying it, he uses it as a small blanket for Tamachan the pearl.

So Sweet


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Kakchan is so sweet.jpg
Inspired by a little girl who doesn't want to use the toilet.
Kakichan took the effort to decorate the toilet wall with dinosaurs stickers. 
And Miraku chan loves it! 

Best toilet ever


Best Toilet ever Kakichan and Miraku

Lost in sea


Kakichan got lost but met Albert the Angler Fish. Even with Albert guiding the way, both of them still got lost. 
Don't we get lost too, one time or another?
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Kakichan lost in sea