Special Occasions 


Kakichan fetches Miraku Chan to get a christmas tree and turkey to 'shellebrate' Christmas. With so many nice things going on during the festive season, they know it is 'shrimportant' to spend time together.
Kakichan and Miraku Christmas Shellebration
Halloween Party

Let's join Kakichan, Harry the Hammerhead, Jenny the Jellyfish and Miraku for a "Skeleton Bones" party. Are you ready? Let's bring in the ultraviolet lights and reveal our bones! Thanks Angler fishes!
Halloween Party Kakichan Miraku.jpg
Christmas with the Angler Fishes

The Christmas spirits is upon us. As Kakichan and Miraku were decorating the Christmas tree , Miraku realised that something is missing. Kakichan knew just what the missing piece is. He prepared the baby Angler Fishes and passed to Miraku to hang onto the tree. Now that's perfect! The bioluminescent lights from the Angler Fishes made the Christmas tree comes alive!
Christmas with the Anglerfishes_M.jpg
Dancing with the Snowmen

Kakichan the boy oyster built the Snowmen on 2am, 23 Dec and Miraku doesn't know about that. What Kakichan know is that Miraku loves Snowman and dancing. On this Christmas day, she had the time of her life. Merry Christmas everyone! Let us do something nice for our loved ones even if it means secretly doing it at 2am in the morning
Miraku dance with the Snowmen_M.jpg
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