Character Design

Does your business, hobby or even an idea has a mascot? To stand out from the crowd, you need an unique mascot for people to remember you. With a dozen of our own original characters, we know how to design one. Whether you like it in a simple and cute or detailed and complex, we can deliver your very own character with style.

With your own character, you can use it as an avatar, profile picture, email signature, business cards, a playable game asset, make into a cardboard and even messaging stickers! 

Characters Design by MILKCANANIME.jpg

Simple and cute characters attract the children and the 'young-at-heart'.

Amaya Nagi Alien Hunter 4 sketch Milkcan
MILKCANANIME CO Amaya 3 of them by Max W

Want more than a simple character? No problem, with vast experience in Japanese anime and gaming, we can design your character from head to toe, complete with weaponry and elaborate costume. 

If you like to discuss this in more detail or have any questions, please get in touch.