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The Australian bush fire in 2019 destroyed a lot of trees and wildlife. Bees were not spared either. Bees are important to our ecosystem as they pollinate flowers to produce seeds for our food. So we must not kill bees.
The Austalia bush fire and bees

Return of the Sea Turtles

Miraku spotted a pair of baby sea turtles waddling towards the sea and they bidded them farewell. 35 years later, the sea turtles had grown up and they returned to the beach where they were hatched. By this time, standing there to greet them were grandpa Kakichan and grandma Miraku. But this confirmed that they had returned to the original beach when they were still babies. Nevertheless, Kakichan and Miraku were so happy to see the baby turtles again.
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Return of the Turtles Milkcananime_M.jpg

All stars belong to the sky

Miraku the girl oyster saw Jenny the Jellyfish picking up starfishes on the beach and got curious. Jenny replied that she was making the night brighter. Jenny then took the starfishes and perform a little swing-and-dance. She threw and bidded farewell to the starfishes. Off to the night sky, it was bright and beautiful as Miraku and Jenny stood to gaze upon the stars. All stars belong to the sky.
All stars belong to the sky Milkcananime_M.jpg

Giraffe friend

Sometimes you may just get what you wish for.
I wish I have a friend like Giraffe. It's easy to clean the roof of my house.
Graffe friend MILKCANANIME_M.jpg


We will never get to see a real Unicorn but if we're lucky, it may appear above us



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