Working from home

Miraku thought that Kakichan is avoiding her.
So silly..
You never open up to me Shell Kakichan_Milkcananime_M.jpg
Pleasant Surprise

Kakichan buys Boba Tea for Miraku as well. So sweet of him!
Pleasant Surprise by Kakichan_M.jpg
Never ride a wild boar

Kakichan the boy oyster ventures into land for the first time! Guess what, he encounters a wild boar. Naughty Kakichan climbs onto the sleeping boar and got threw up high into the air. A painful lesson for him. Should have listened to Tama chan.
Never ride a wild boar Kakichan_M.jpg
Mistaken for a Shell

Probably the first time Kakichan got a shock! Waits.. what about the last time when he was thrown 80 feet into the air by the sleeping boar?? Seems like everything Kakichan does, he thinks of Miraku. Awwww...
Mistaken for a shell Kakichan_M.jpg
Not pregnant

Kakichan the boy oyster has 2 heartbeats because sometimes he hides his little buddy Tama Chan inside his body. While sea-ing the doctor, Kakichan had forgotten to take out Tama Chan. Doctor gave a wrong diagnosis of pregnancy.
Not pregnant Kakichan.jpg
King Kong

Miraku : "We got a call for a possible covid case"
Kaki chan : "What animal?"
Miraku : "Well... King Kong!"
Kaki chan : "Ask Giraffe to come along. And also bring a mop for the swab"
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