Ocean Tips


Give an oyster a fish and he will feed himself for a day.
Teach him how to fish and he will feed himself for a lifetime.
Enjoy Kakichan's tip on how to fish under the sea.
Kakichan teaches us how to fish under the sea

How to make a pot of Salted Carmel Frappuccino

This is Miraku here.

Now what do you do when a bunch of friends decide to visit your home? Let me share with you a secret recipe on how to make a pot of delicious Salted Carmel Frappuccino.
Here's the instructions 
1. Find a large pot. A really huge one.
2. Fill the pot with boiling water. Add 12 scoops of coffee granules and add some milk.
3. Throw in 2 pcs of Salted Fish (smelly ones are the best) and add some ice cubes. Stir vigorously for 20 mins.
4. Finally, throw in a Camel to the pot.
5. There you have it. Homemade Salted Carmel Frappuccino which you can make and serve to your guests. They will love you for that!
Remember, Everything I brew, I brew it for you.


Salted Camel Frappucinno by Miraku

Dinner date under the sea

Kakichan invites Miraku to a fanciful seafood dinner under the sea. After Miraku remarked that it is quite dark, Kakichan received help from Albert and family (angler's fishes) and together, they illuminated the dinner setting and made this dinner so cosy and warm.


Diinner date Kakichan and Miraku_M.jpg

Life is a Beach

A wonderful sunny day for Kakichan and Miraku to reelax on a beach. But the waves are too strong. It washes high up to the shore, carrying along crab, fishes, plastic bag and even banana skin.
Life is a Beach. You never know what you are getting.


LIfe is a beach_Kakichan and Miraku.jpg

How to brighten up your room

Today, Miraku the girl oyster will show you a simple 4 steps process on "How to brighten up your room".
Step 1 : Go to your local aquarium shop and buy a fish
Step 2 : Bring fish home safely
Step 3 : Pour fish into a clean bowl 
Step.4 : Hang the bowl and read a book. Maybe read "Sharing a Shell". Enjoy the warm glow from the fish


How to brighten your room with Miraku Chan.jpg


So Miraku the girl oyster was caring her plant and probably singing to the tunes of 'Lemon Tree'. After she left, a ball thrown by Kakichan landed on her plant. Feeling guilty, Kakichan quickly applied band aid and fixed the poor little plant. Miraku returned but she knew who did it. Kakichan is both naughty and sweet.


Plant Kakichan_Milkcananime M.jpg

How to build a submarine

Follow Kakichan the boy oyster on how to build your own Submarine. It's as easy as ABC. After that, you can get away from the heat of the day...


How to build a submarine_kakichan.jpg

Freshest Prawn Crackers

Now you know where to get the freshest Prawn Crackers. Using only the freshest (and smoothest) baby skins, they are SHRIMPLYl the best! 


Freshest Prawn Crackers Kakichan Milkcananime v2_M.jpg

Elephant friend

Kakichan and Miraku had just bought a new rubber boat. But it will take them forever to inflate it (even with Miraku staring at Kakichan's mussels). Luckily, they meet an elephant friend and he is able to use his nose to blow the boat easily. I love to have a friend like the elephant too.


Elephant friend MILKCANANIME_M.jpg
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