Messaging Stickers

The smartphones that we use constantly now acts as our computers, diary, concierge and more. We use WhatsApp, Telegram, LINE and other messaging platforms to communicate with our friends and colleagues. Messaging stickers is a wonderful way to communicate what words cannot convey. Billions of stickers are being sent daily among users all over the world. Have you thought of putting your brands across as messaging stickers? Do you know everytime a user use your sticker, two or more people are engaging in your brand? 

Messaging stickers are useful for the following:

- marketing campaigns

- special events or occasions

- further increase engagement, brand recall and build brand loyalty

We will design and draw a pack of 8,16 or 24 stickers and make them available in Whatsapp, LINE, Telegram, iMessage and/or Viber. The stickers will be your digital assets.

MCO_Queen Bee IG SG Clean Stickers Banne

"We Bee-lieve" themed stickers reminds people to be socially responsible.



Halloween stickers in collaboration with our Singapore Government enliven the mood for the event visitors to 'Fright Night' during the month of October.


Messaging Stickers SGCC by MILKCANANIME_

Visitors of Singapore Comic Con were delighted to use our Pop-Culture themed stickers in collaboration with Reedpop Singapore.

Are you ready to engage your customers with your brand?


If you like to discuss this in more detail or have any questions, please get in touch.