Shark Attack

Kakichan tries to prank Miraku by disguising as a Shark.


Shark attack by Kakichan the oyster

Being naughty

Tama chan the pearl wants to go out to get some snacks. While Kakichan says ok, he has a naughty plan in mind. Just when Tama chan is on the way, Kakichan looks for Miraku, who is not home. He then slips inside her yellow shell and hide. Now Tama chan is coming home happily with some popcorns and couldn't find Kakichan. He cries like a baby..
Kakichan is so naughty!

Kakichan and Tamachan.jpg


Kakichan plays 'Hide-and-Seek' with Harry the Hammerhead Shark. Harry lets Kakichan hide first but Kakichan has ideas of its own. He sneaks right in the middle and under the nose of Harry. With eyes positioned on either ends of its elongated head, Harry is unable to locate Kakichan.

Hide and Seek Kakichan and Harry The Hammerhead

Pretty Mermaid

Kakichan falls asleep besides Miraku at the beach. Miraku decides to cover him with sand in the shape of a mermaid.
He's so tired he doesn't feel a thing.
A day at the beach sets your soul free.

Kakichan and Miraku Sand Mermaid.jpg

Let's fight

Kakichan and Miraku played the "Fighting Game" where they will each bring a sea animal that is powerful to the fight. Miraku brought a shark which normally as an apex predator, would be at the top of the foodchain. However Kakichan outsmarted Miraku by bringing the 600-voltage zapping electric eel. RUN!! 

Kakichan and Miraku fighting game MILKCANANIME M.jpg

Selfie Time

Let's take a selfie.  Are you all ready?
Let's check the photo 
Everyone look so great!  Waits..where are Harry the Hammerhead eyes?

Selfie Time Kakichan and Miraku.jpg

Rooster Shot

I hope most of you have taken your booster shot. If not, we do have Rooster shots available

Rooster Shot_Kakichan_M.jpg
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