If pictures speak a thousand words, beautiful illustrations need no speaking at all. Our adorable art style appeals to the little ones as well as adults. Whether you need a captivating banner, cover for children books or a colouring sheet, our art style attracts a lot of "kawaii and cute" responses. 

Illustration is suitable for the following:

- social media and website banner

- events and campaign banner

- marketing collaterals such as brochure

- event poster

- children story book

- colouring sheet

- store cards

MCO Singapore Heritage Max_large.jpg

Art style using a combination of chibi (characters) + vectors (buildings)


Singapore Heritage_MCO_Medium_Colouring

Colours are removed to serve as a Colouring Sheet.


Kakichan Halloween NIGHT with brand and

Cute illustration to mark the month of Halloween. 


Halloween 2018 Max Wong MILKCANANIME CO.

If you like to discuss this in more detail or have any questions, please get in touch.