That's what friends are for

Miraku meets Jenny, the girl Jellyfish. And here comes the rain. Jenny asked Miraku to carry her and in doing so, Miraku gets some shelter from the rain. What a wonderful friend!


Miraku meets Jenny the Jellyfish

Harry to the rescue

Miraku is bathing in her little seashell. She encounters a

bathroom emergency. Fortunately, her friend Harry the Hammerhead is nearby and she calls out to him to fix the 



Miraku calls out to Harry the Hammerhead

My Gullfriend

Tamachan the Pearl woke Kakichan up because his "Gull" friend came knocking at the door. Kakichan thought this gullfriend was Miraku Chan but in fact, was his "Bird" friend. (So Tamachan was right afterall, it's the Seagull!)


Kakichan and Gullfriend

Friends in need are friends indeed

Look at how Kakichan, Miraku, Tamachan the Pearl and friends work together as a team to help Whitney the Blue Whale delivers her baby calf. Friends in need are friends indeed! 
To all mothers,  "Happy Mothers Day!" You are awesome!


Whale Birth Kakichan and Mir

Walter does sit-ups

Walter the Walrus likes to do sit-ups, probubbly he thinks he is getting fat. And he asked Kakichan to help to hold his legs. 
Come on..let's go!
Up One, up Two....


Kakichan_Walrus does sit-ups.jpg

Baby Present

Mrs Candice had given birth to a cute little baby crab. Miraku chan bought Mrs Candice a 🎁 present, which is a box of little yellow mittens for her baby. (Now mummy won't be afraid that little baby will claw himself).
How sweet and thoughtful Miraku chan is.

Miraku Chan give present to baby crab M.
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