First Encounter


Kakichan the Oyster met a girl oyster for the first time. Her name is Miraku chan and she has a little pink shell embedded onto her head. Indeed it is a 'miracle' for Kakichan to meet another fellow oyster.
Kakichan and Miraku Chan First meetup

There is always a BIGGER fish

No, no, they are not afraid of you Kakichan. It's that black-and-white fin behind you that is scary!! When hunting, Orca goes for the liver of the shark!
Orca and Kakichan the Oyster

Guardian Angel

An unusual epsiode #19 of "Kakichan & Miraku" comic, without the boy and girl oysters appearing. Making a special guest appearance in the comic is one of our original characters "Queen Bee", as a Guardian Angel. 
Baby crab couldn't sleep because of a little ghost in the room. However, his Guardian Angel was quick to appear and chased the ghost away. Mummy crab, Mrs Candice heard his cries and came to the room. When she saw her baby crab wasn't crying anymore, she understood that her baby's Guardian Angel, was there in the room to keep him safe.
Every baby has a Guardian Angel watching over them and keeping them safe. Well, maybe even baby animals too.
Guardian Angel_Kakichan and Miraku M.jpg
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